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Welcome to Rude and Risque!

We're a new league looking to have fun with each other, help each other out, and of course be 'rude' to our villian enemies! The site is currently in the process of being created, so please bare with me. If you are interested in joining our league, please sign up on the site.
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Madam Voltaic, Nov 11, 12 10:55 AM.
Yes, we want to have fun but to do so without negativity, we'd like for our members to please follow the following rules:

1. Please, be friendly and kind to one another. No harrasing. If someone needs help and you aren't in the middle of something, help them out! We're a league of kind people that WANT to help, do activities together, etc.

2. BE ACTIVE!! Who want's people in the league that only log in a few times a month? I understand we all have our own life, and that's fine if you're only on a few times a week, but while you're online, be active in the league. If you'll be going on a vacation or something, or just be absent for an amount of time, please let Madam Voltaic or Lordlava know so we don't think you ran off on us:)

3. Recruiting: Only certain people are allowed to recruit freely. If you are a low rank and do not have that option and you'd like to invite someone in, you MUST introduce that person to either Madam or Lava, so we can check them out. We'd like to have level 30's in our league, but if there's a low level that's good or has a good sense of humor/you enjoy chatting with, just use your best judgement and the league will help them finish leveling.

4. When in Duos, Raids, Alerts, etc., please only 'need' for loot items that are specific to your role. If you're a healer, roll need for only healer, and so on and so forth. If the healer, controller, whatever doesn't want the item in loot and they mention it, then by all means, go for it. We just want our league mates to be able to get items specific to their role to help further them in the game:)

And as always, HAVE FUN! That's what we're here for, right? If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact any of the leaders for help.

~ Madam
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